A good night's sleep doesn't have to be a dream

Healthy Sleep Habits

It is never too early or late to help your child sleep well. Sleeping well can be taught with guidance and support of the parents and helps to maintain your child's good health.

Reliable Support

Customized sleep packages for you and your child where you'll receive one on one support that grow with your little one, well into toddlerhood.

Well Rested Family

Quickly see progress within just a few days, leading to consistent sleep for you and your family in a matter of a couple of weeks.


Being a new mom, I was uncertain how to manage baby sleep

I was curious how to create two good little sleepers. After working with Kari for just a few days, we realized her suggestions we implemented were working. Both of our babies were sleeping consistently for 11 hours a night.

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Working with Kari was the best decision I have ever made!

Before working with her my little one was waking up every 2-3 hours overnight, was getting harder and harder to get to sleep at bedtime and would only take naps while being held. He was always fighting sleep and was fussy all day due to being overtired all day and night! I reached out to Kari and she set up a program for us! I knew it was going to be hard and I was worried that it wasn't going to work or I wasn't going to be able to follow through with it!

After just one night my little was already sleeping 9 hours at night and taking most of his naps in his crib! Now after completing the 2 weeks my little one is sleeping 10-11 hours most nights and taking all of his naps in his crib!! He is also a completely different baby, so happy and smiley all the time! My husband and I could not be more grateful to have our nights back and to get some sleep! I highly recommend Kari to anyone who wants better sleep for their little one and for themselves!!

I thought since Thea was my second that I had it all figured out with the help of google.

That was not the case. Thea was waking multiple times a night. I finally reached out to Kari and she came up with a sleep plan for us to follow.

The first two nights were tough, not going to lie. Kari was SO supportive and reassured me that this will work and we will get through these changes together. By night 3, things were already so much better. Less crying, less wakings. Night 5 was the best and it got better each night from then. I finally was able to breath and feel confident in what I was doing.

I am so thankful for her and her help. Our almost 11 month old is sleeping through the night. We are all getting sleep which makes for a happy household!

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