Sleep Packages

Pregnancy & Newborn

Who's this plan for?
  • Expecting Mothers
  • Newborns under 10 weeks old
  • Excited for the new baby but the thought of sleepless nights seems daunting?
  • Wonder when your baby should sleep?
  • Question whether you’re really supposed to sleep when the baby sleeps? What if they never sleep?
  • Are tired of saying I’M TIRED.

If you have these same thoughts, this plan is perfect for you. Set yourself up with a method for success! Sleep education includes good routines that you can begin from day one.

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10 weeks - 12 months

  • Is your baby waking multiple times through the night?
  • Is your baby fighting to go to sleep at night?
  • Is your baby fighting naps?

If so, the Baby Program is for you!

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Toddlers & Big Kids

13 months and up

  • Does your child wake during the night?
  • Does your child get out of their bed?

If so, the Toddlers & Big Kids program is for you.

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A well-rested child is curious, energetic, happy, playful, and eager to learn!