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What if I told you that hope for a lifetime of good night sleeps were just around the corner?

Rest Assured Pediatric Sleep Consultant

Kari Gray

Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant

I help good parents become confident parents

Hello! My name is Kari.

If you’re here, chances are high that you’ve been desperate for a sleep solution for your child. I know the feeling: I was in your shoes many years ago when I was desperate for relief from too many sleepless nights. I swallowed my pride, and my husband and I hired a pediatric sleep consultant to help our wonderful child learn how to fall asleep - and stay asleep - independently.

Following that success, I knew I could help provide the same long-term relief to other families. In addition to being a mom and Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant, I’ve been a registered and practicing nurse for over 10 years.

My coaching and sleep plans are research-based and experience-tested, as over 40 happy and well-rested families can attest. I have sleep plans for newborns, babies, toddlers, school-aged children, and expecting mamas.

Within weeks my clients learn to consistently sleep through the night and wake at an appropriate time!

At the time, hiring a consultant seemed like a lot of money, but considering where we are now, it was worth much more. My only regret is not asking for help sooner.

I can’t wait to help you achieve success in a sleeping child and watch your confidence grow as a parent.

Let’s set up a call soon. When is good for you?

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